Bullying Prevention

What Is Bullying?

It’s what happens when someone repeatedly hurts or threatens another person on purpose.

Bullying comes in many forms — name-calling, spreading rumors, physically hurting someone or even leaving people out.

Bullying can happen in person, in writing, online, on cell phones, in school, on the bus, at home, anywhere.

Wherever it happens, it’s NOT acceptable.

Let’s help prevent bullying at Phenix!

Interested in Learning more about Bullying?

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Is it Rude, Mean, or Bullying?

The true definition of bullying is often confused with rude and or mean behavior. Check the graphic below to understand the differences.

Kelso's Choices are an empowering conflict management tool that all students are exposed to at Phenix. Students are introduced to the 2 kinds of problems (BIG problems which are dangerous and require a grown up and small problems which students can attempt to resolve on their own before going to a grown up, using the Kelso's choices. This tool is a wonderful way for students to learn to manage conflict.