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Welcome... to a new year of school. Your PTSA wants you to remember that

our focus is on all of our Phenix Panther students. Our strength is our diversity. And we

pride ourselves on being inclusive and advocating for all of our students. We march (or

ride a bus) to Richmond every year to let our legislators know that our students are

remarkable and deserve the very best! WE ARE YOUR PHENIX PTSA!

In addition, we host events to engage Phenix families that encourage community

togetherness and to show that all are welcomed as apart of this school family. We host

fundraisers that help to provide resources that are sometimes needed in the school,

such as printers used by teachers to print assignments steam vacuums used by

custodians to clean rugs in elementary classrooms gym equipment used in both

elementary and middle school gyms. We even donate food and clothing to our families

in need when life presents it’s challenges. We also host events to show our

administration and teachers that we really appreciate the hard work that they do

every day.

It’s because of these things and more that Phenix PTSA has been one of the

most awarded PTSA units in Hampton for the last 5 years.

We ask that you continue to support our PTSA and help us continue in our successes

by getting involved today. And we sincerely look forward to seeing you throughout this

exciting new school year!

~ Your PHENIX P.T.S.A.

“Make every child's potential a reality.“

Join PTSA:

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! We are so excited to have you back, or joining us for the first time. We have many exciting events planned for this year. Please mark your calendars, and plan to join us for the events.

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We can only make our exciting events happen if you join us in celebrating children. The new PTA online database makes it easier than ever and it helps us save on printing costs, visit We will still accept cash or check when you send them in with your member forms. Don't forget to check out all the amazing discounts included with PTSA membership.

PTSA Executive Board

Aaron Davis


(757) 750-0801

Maria Pascale

1st Vice President - Fundraising

Shamari Steveson

2nd Vice President - Programs

Erica Spencer

3rd Vice President - Membership

Adele McFadden


Kasey Kennison


Natalie Burrell


Shawn Bright


Tonisha Stalnaker


Alysha Tovar


We are also looking for Parent Leadership Committee members. This is a group of parents who will act as PTSA-Parent Liaisons for their grade group. They will help us to push out PTSA communication and help us engage with parents in those grades. Phenix is a very large school, if the PTSA is going to truly represent the Voice of the parents, then we need more people to help us interact and engage with them. We will ask that members of this committee agree to meet at least once every two months with one or more member(s) of the PTSA Executive Board for updates, info, and ideas to help engage parents of that grade group and to provide any feedback from parents and teachers of that grade group. Please send an email to if interested in becoming a PLC member.

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